I n s t i t u t e s

Simon Geiregat is a member of the following associations, research groups and institutes:

European Law Institute

Member since May 2017
Part of the Digital Law Special Interest Group and the
Members Consultative Committee of the ALI-ELI project on Principles for a Data Economy.
Independent association that focuses on the development of European law.
Organises congresses, projects and meetings on various law topics.

Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale

Member since 14 September 2015
Worldwide, independent association that studies copyright and droit d'auteur.
Annually organises a congress with regard to a specific ‘hot topic’.

Belgische Vereniging voor het Auteursrecht – Association Belge pour le droit d'Auteur

Member since 14 September 2015
Academic study group that focusses on droit d’auteur (copyright) in Belgium, the EU and on an international level, as well as on their comparisons.
Organises study days and business lunches and points out where legislative changes ought to be made.

Instituut Financieel Recht – Financial Law Institute

Ghent University
Member since September 2015
Renowned research group within the department of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law of the Ghent University Faculty of Law.
Studies a variety of themes that touch financial and economic law in a broad sense.

Consumer Law Institute

Ghent University – University of Antwerp
Member since October 2015
Cooperation between two Flemish universities, studying the expanding amount of consumer law.
Organises study days and meetings.

Centrum voor Verbintenissenrecht – Center for the Law of Obligations

Ghent University
Member since 2015-16
Research group within the faculty of Interdisciplinary Study of Law, Private Law and Business Law of the Ghent University Faculty of Law.
Holds meetings and organises study days on various topics connected with tort and contractual liability.